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I got my quilt finished.  That is it is pieced and ready to quilt.  Thankfully I own a quilting machine! I will have it done next week. I can hardly wait to see what the other shops have done.  Being the new shop on the block I am nervous about the quilt I made. But, at this stage of the game it is what it is. I am happy with it.

I am hoping everyone is gearing up for this as much as we are. We have our next meeting on Sept. 10 to see all the quilts and finalize the last details.  Then it is just up to each shop to get ready. 

Here at Kessler Kreations it seems that we have customers daily asking about the shop hop fabric, the quilts and the event itself.  We have even had some pre-shop hoppers coming to check out the shop before the event.  It is encouraging to see!  The excitement is building!


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Shop hop is looming closer and closer.  I am still working on my quilt.  I hope the other shops are progressing on theirs.  I think at our last meeting in July one shop was already done. I can hardly wait to see them all. 

I am still getting good feedback on the fabric.  Some like it.  Some say they need to see how it’s used before they will buy it.  Some are still on the fence.  Well, like it or not it is here to stay for this year.

All the shops have Tshirts and pins on sale already.  I think you can see a picture of them on the shop hop website:  We are also on facebook so find us, friend us and share us. 

We would love your feedback on the shop hop this year.  Please post us comments on facebook and this blog.  I am learning how this all works so bear with me. 

I have had several people taking a pre-shop hop tour of the shops so that they can see what each shop is offering.  That is so cool.  I hope to see them again in October.

Better get back to business!

July 2013 Shop Hop Update

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Well, it has been a while since I have posted.  Many things have happened here at my business and personally, preventing me from having time to post.  However, things are getting better. 

The planning for the South Central Shop Hop continues!  We are in the final stages.  Each shop is working on their quilts with the blocks we have selected.  We have our next meeting on July 16 in Wichita.  We will be getting our Tshirts then.  I can’t wait to see them. 

As the new kid in the bunch, I have found this event to be interesting to say the least.  I did not realize what all was involved in putting this together.  Wow!  there is a lot of things that have to happen in the background to make this thing happen.  I have really learned a lot and know that I have a lot more to learn as the event progresses. 

One thing I have found interesting is the letters from the shop hop fans.  They are signed “shop hop fan” so we have no idea who they are.  According to the other shop owners these letters have been coming before this year.  As a new person in this event, my perspective on them may be different from the others.  At first, I was a little shocked that someone would send a letter like this.  While most of us shop owners appreciate feedback from our customers, I think these go a little over the edge. Most of the content was a dislike for the fabric chosen this year. As retail shop owners, we have to consider the likes and dislikes of more than just a few customers. When we buy fabric we cannot just buy what we like, we have to predict what our customers will like.  This year’s fabric is tossed names of the towns participating in the shop hop on both white and black backgrounds.  It amazes me how many of the fabric representatives that I buy fabric from have lines of fabrics with similar fabric.  Face it folks, words are “in”. There is some in nearly every line of fabric presented to us shop owners.  Some will like it and some won’t.  That is the name of the retail game.   I recently had some very loyal customers that said they didn’t know if they would participate in the shop hop because they heard the fabric was awful.  So I got out a bolt and showed them.  They said they liked it!  It was not what they expected.  So if a few people are saying the fabric is awful, please go to a shop and take a look for yourself. You may like it and you may not, but at least give it a chance.  As individuals we all share different likes and dislikes so please judge for yourself. As shop owners we know we cannot please everyone.  But, when taking into account what our vendors are showing us, our fabric choice for this year is right in line with what the fabric designers are offering us. Who knows what next year will bring!

Also, one of the fans said that they expected to have a block kit ready to purchase at the register so that they could just purchase it and move on.  They did not want to participate in the passport part of the event.  As a fan, I would think you would want to experience the entire aspect of the event including filling out your passport to win prizes.  I would think you would want to spend a little time in each shop seeing what they have available. 

We try to make the event pleasurable to all.  But, we expect at least 350 visitors during the course of the event and can in no way please them all.  We hope that somewhere in the visitation each person will find something that they really like.

So, now on to the creation of the quilts.  I can’t wait to see them!


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The second meeting of the South Central Shop Hop went well.  We missed Betty and Sharon from Gramma’s Calico Cupboard, but forged ahead with some plans.  The fabric for this year was pretty much finalized. The fabric style for next year was decided.  The Tshirt designs were discussed.  We all picked out our blocks. 

I learned more about the shop hop itself.  As you know this is the 15th year of this event.  Whew!  with all this work every year these ladies should be exhausted.  But having all of you turn out for the event every year makes it worth it.  Did you know that Cottonwood Quilts and Needle in a Haystack have been involved since the beginning as well?  The diffence is that they were under different ownership than the ladies now.  The hardworking owners now are Bobette Siemens at Cottonwood Quilts and Cynthia Washburne at Needle in a Haystack. 

I am getting excited about this year’s event.  For one thing, it is totally new to me.  I have participated in the event, before I became a shop owner.  My friend and I would take a Quilt day vacation from work and do the whole thing in one day.  We had a great time together and loved seeing the different stuff in each shop.  By doing it in one day we didn’t get to spend a lot of time in each shop but we did get to see a lot.  When we found something we wanted to buy then we bought it.  My favorite thing was seeing all the different quilts made from the blocks.  What creativity!  I always thought I could do that.  Well, here’s my chance. 

With having a theme this year–a black tie event–to highlight our 15th anniversary, I think the shops and the quilts for this year will be awesome to see.  Don’t forget to put this on your calendar as a must do event for 2013.  It is the first weekend in October–Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Countdown to shop hop begins

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Let me introduce myself. I am Marie Kessler of Kessler Kreations in Hillsboro Kansas. I am the new kid on the shop hop block, so to speak. I have just joined the other eleven shops for the 2013 shop hop. I attended my first meeting in November. All I can say is WOW. There is a ton of work going on already to make this event happen and we are eleven months out! Every storeowner is on a committee. There is the fabric committee, tshirt committee, advertising committee, next year’s fabric committee, website committee; prize committee, just to name a few. However, there wasn’t a committe for me. So, it was determined that I would be the official blogger of the group so that shop hoppers could keep up with what is going on and get excited to attend. It was decided that since I am new at being a part of shop hop I could offer a “new” perspective on the event. Let’s hope that is true.

Here’s what else I learned at the meeting. I learned that 2013 is the 15th year the event will be held. The longest in the state of Kansas. This is pretty monumental so we decided that a celebration should be in order. So the 2013 event is going to be themed a black tie event. It should be interesting to see what each store does with that theme.

Did you know that there is only one store that has participated all 15 years? Can you guess who it is?

Can you name all the stores and their locations? I have already given mine up but do you know the rest? I am not sure of all of them, yet, myself. I will give you a list next time.

So, as I am new to the event, I am also new to blogging. However, I love to write and tell stories so this could be a good niche for me. I do have to thank David for helping me set this up. He is such a lifesaver and I have him available by text and phone should I encounter an embergency during blogging.

We have our next meeting on December 18. I will be requesting that this get linked to the official website. Of course you could find me on facebook too. I bet some of the other stores are there too.

Shop Hop Blog Beginnings….

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Okay Shop Hoppers!  We are learning new things so bear with me!